Product Overview: Cynet SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have gone from novelty to business necessity in a few short years, and its positive impact on organizations is clear. It’s safe to say that most industries today run on SaaS applications, which is undoubtedly positive, but it does introduce some critical new challenges to organizations.

As SaaS application use expands, as well as the number of touchpoints they create, the attack surface also becomes significantly larger.

As an answer to this emerging challenge, XDR provider Cynet has added a new SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) tool to its existing platform (you can learn more here). Regardless of the size of an organization or its security team, managing the security policy and posture of dozens to hundreds of SaaS applications is a complex task, and one that requires the right tools to expedite and optimize. Using SSPM can centralize many of the management and logistics requirements and offer a more unified way to establish security posture and harden existing defenses.

How Cynet SSPM helps organizations defend themselves

To help organizations harden their SaaS security policy, Cynet 360’s new SSPM offers a variety of protection capabilities. Cynet’s protections provide greater visibility into the organizations’ SaaS ecosystem, including:

  • Insights into native SaaS setting configurations
  • Suggestions to reduce risks by improving existing configurations
  • Single-click automated remediation of incorrect configurations
  • Comparison with industry frameworks with automatic adjustments

More importantly, Cynet’s automated tools mean that security teams don’t have to manually review each application’s settings or update each configuration manually once a standard has been created.

Automated risk detection

Cynet’s SSPM evaluates configuration risks across the company’s SaaS ecosystem. Cynet scans the existing configurations for all an organization’s SaaS apps, identifying areas that could be vulnerable. This allows security teams to be proactive in improving the security posture, rather than waiting for a gap to be exploited.

SaaS Security

Cynet then automatically prioritizes configuration errors by risk category and tracks all outstanding issues from a single pane of glass.

Single-click policy resolutions

One of the bigger issues when dealing with a large SaaS ecosystem is standardizing security policies across applications. Especially as organizations can use hundreds of SaaS applications for everything from HR management to project management, manually fixing every single configuration becomes an exhausting and arduous process.

SaaS Security

Cynet’s SSPM allows for single-click resolution of all security policies across an organization’s environment. When Cynet 360 finds a security risk, it automatically recommends the best-practice configuration settings to eliminate as much of the risk as possible, which users can automatically implement with a single mouse click.

Ensuring compliance with multiple regulations

One issue with using multiple SaaS applications that can often go unmentioned is the difficult position these applications put on regulatory compliance. Because SaaS security isn’t managed entirely by an organization (they’re at least partly managed by third parties), security teams must work harder to ensure every application meets the regulatory requirements of their organizations.

Cynet automatically aligns any SaaS application’s critical security controls to meet regulatory standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI frameworks that define access and monitoring control. Users can view current security policies, and where they need to be changed to match the required ones. More importantly, configuration errors can be uniformly corrected without having to fix each manually.

SaaS Security

A single pane of glass

Cynet’s SSPM is included in the standard Cynet 360 dashboard, meaning that SaaS issues can be detected and remediated without having to access a completely different control center.

You can learn more about the new Cynet SSPM during the company’s upcoming webinar (register here).

To see more about Cynet SSPM in action, visit the company’s website here.

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